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Economical Cardiac Pacemaker Surgery Mumbai India

“I traveled from South Africa for my Economical Cardiac Pacemaker Surgery at Mumbai in India and my surgery became a success due to the genuine care and concern of Indianmedguru. A simple thanks to Indianmedguru consultants is not enough after getting the best medical facilities and services in India through them.

Before the surgery I was experiencing frightful chest pain with trouble in breathing, profuse sweating, and nausea. Our country had good doctors but I was getting delay in the dates of medical appointment I heard from some of my friends of getting money and time saving benefits if one got medical treatment in Asian countries like India. A friend of mine had already undergone a Goitre surgery through the assistance of Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani so he spoke of him to be a good and reputed health provider. I send an email to Dr. Bojwani asking about options to get a good quality and economical cost Cardiac Pacemaker Surgery in India, I was replied back immediately by phone with all the information and formalities to be carried for getting treatment in India. Indianmedguru gave me a reliable format of planning a comfortable medical trip for my Economical Cardiac Pacemaker Surgery at Mumbai in India. Now after my surgery I am very happy with the results and now I can walk, climb stairs and run without any trouble. I don’t have problems in breathing and the implanted pacemaker device regulates my heart beats in a perfect way. I am living my life normally. Getting medical treatment in India assures one to get the best quality cost savings along with time. After my Economical Cardiac Pacemaker Surgery at Mumbai in India I visited some of the most famous hotels of Mumbai to dine and it was the genuine kindness of Dr. Bojwani to provide me 24/7 hours of care through his medical staff. Indianmedguru had really been kind and professional to me during my Economical Cardiac Pacemaker Surgery at Mumbai in India.”

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