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Ethiopia Patient Experiences Pancreatic Cyst Surgery in India

“I am Mrs. Brihan from Ethiopia. I got a Pancreatic Cyst surgery in India through the help of IndianMedGuru Consultants my sincere thanks to them. Undergoing the surgery from India from such genius doctors was really excellent. The doctor who operated me was really very skilled because the problems which I was facing have got cured. Before getting the procedure of Pancreatic cyst surgery in India I had ailments in my stomach. I didn’t knew that a pancreatic cyst had developed in me.

I just went for a check up to a local doctor and I was really stunned to know that I had developed a pancreatic cyst in me and to cure it I will have to undergo a surgery and I knew that I will have to get the surgery done in an abroad country as our country lacked in good medical infrastructure. I searched for good medical service providers but every body whom I came across was charging a very high fee. Then one day I came to know about the medical tourism services of Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani in India providing the best kind of health recovery at an affordable cost. Then I also enquired about my surgery from Indianmedguru along with Dr. Bojwani and he arranged an intensive medical trip for me and I got my Pancreatic cyst surgery in India done from the most experienced hands. In India I got the best medical services in a very classy hospital, the staff of the hospital was very caring and supporting and the Dr. Bojwani was already there to help me when I needed anything. I want to thank them heartily for all the services provided by the doctor, the staff and Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani for my Pancreatic cyst surgery in India.”

Thank You!
Mrs. Brihan

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