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Failed Back Syndrome Surgery in India - A perfect reliever from your back pain with cost effective packages

failed back syndrome surgery India, low cost failed back syndrome surgery India, failed back syndrome surgery video India failed back syndrome, failed back syndrome surgery, failed back syndrome surgery India Of late, Failed Back Syndrome Surgery in India has become a most preferred medical destination, wherein we see a huge number of international patients come from all across the world. The reasons are obvious; the easy access to high quality medical services at pretty less cost that comes to around 50-70% less to the developed nations. And moreover, apart from having the Failed Back Syndrome Surgery in India the global patients also get the opportunity to explore rich and culture and world heritage here. In this way an international patient can club easily wellness with leisure package with their treatment.

Indian Medguru Group is pioneer in managing and expediting such treatments for foreign patients. Every year, a large number of patients come down to India, and we cater them with core professionalism and care. Recently, Mr. Tanko from Nigeria was here for his Failed Back Syndrome Surgery in India, and was really glad to have with, he shares with us his pleasant moments.

Hello. This is Mr. Tanko, I am a Nigerian. Recently, I had my Failed Back Syndrome Surgery in India managed effectively by my medical consultant Indian Medguru Group who came as a rescuer for by me relieving me from back pain, which was unfortunately due to my improper spine surgery. When I consulted my doctor, he suggested me to have Failed Back Syndrome Surgery, and asked me to have it from a better place, to avoid any further complication in future unlike the one I was having. Hence he suggested searching for Failed Back Syndrome Surgery in India. Moreover, he gave me two of his contacts of Nigerian patients who went for the similar surgery in India. I called them up and discussed in detail about their experience in the foreign land, they had nothing but praises for the kind of hospitality and treatment they got in India. They gave me the contact info of the medical consultant- Indian Medguru Group based in India. I then browsed their website, checked their packages, mailed my reports to them and discussed my case at length and in couple of interactions, I was convinced for Failed Back Syndrome Surgery in India. The process of visa took a week or so and soon we were seen boarding a flight for my surgery.

Failed Back Syndrome Surgery Nigeria, failed back syndrome cost, Failed Back Syndrome Surgery cost, failed back syndrome surgery cost India Upon my arrival in India for my Failed Back Syndrome Surgery I was picked up by the executive of Indian Medguru Group who took me to the hospital, which was nothing but like a luxurious hotel. I did some in processing for the first couple of days like meeting the doctor getting into the hospital and so on, which wasn't bad at all. I just moved around the hospital, which and liked its ambience and location. The medical team was really outstanding and qualified with massive experience in handling cases like mine. On the third day it was time for my Failed Back Syndrome Surgery in India. During my surgery a small lead was placed in the epidural space around the spinal cord and masks pain by producing a tingling or tapping sensation in the place where pain was felt. Before having the device implanted permanently, a screening trial was performed. A temporary lead was placed where I felt pain and they were able to test their response to the device. Once the device is permanently implanted, the patient can turn the device on and off, as well as make some adjustments to the stimulation they receive. In this way my entire Failed Back Syndrome Surgery in India was performed with ease and with all precautions.

Immediately after my Failed Back Syndrome Surgery in India my surgeon came by the observation room to tell me the results of the surgery. He was really cool and told me everything went great. I was there in the hospital for about five days, which wasn't bad at all. All the nurses and staff were outstanding, and the food was pretty good. By the time I reached Nigeria I was walking around pretty good and starting going to my normal activities. I should thank everyone in India including my medical consultant- Indian Medguru Group who managed my entire Failed Back Syndrome Surgery in India with great care and professionalism. Even my daughter expresses her words of gratitude to all.

May God bless them all! Amen.

Thank you,
Mr. Tanko

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