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Fibroid Removal Surgery in Mumbai Best Destination for Global Patients

India has emerged as a reliable destination for global patients for best results of various medical treatments and surgeries including the Fibroid surgery in Mumbai and Delhi. Indian Medguru Group is a medical tourism company in India, wherein countless foreign patients come for their medical treatment. Every year we assist hundreds of patients who take back home good image of India and the service catered. Unlike many, Mrs. Austin along with her husband from Nigeria was in India for her Fibroid surgery in Mumbai-India. She shares her experience with us.

Hi, I am Mrs. Austin. I am from Nigeria. Just couple of weeks ago I had my Fibroid surgery in an Indian city called Mumbai. I am glad to end my saga of despair through this surgery in India and indeed thank my medical consultant- Indian Medguru from India who managed my entire show. I still remember how difficult it was to cope up with unberiable pains at my back and my extended periods with more bleedings. I saw my gynecologist who after a few test, concluded that I have a Fibroid inside my womb and I require a Fibroid surgery to get rid of this problem. However, she also suggested me do it fast and that too with options abroad since getting things done here at my home town or country was a difficult task. So, I had no option but to hunt a place abroad for my Fibroid surgery. With all dismay I and my husband started our internet search. We then came in touch with the Indian Medguru Group from India, a medical consultant who is into the business of helping the helpless like us. We browsed their website, read the online patients stories and found this group quiet reliable. I dropped an e-mail enquiring about doing my Fibroid surgery in Mumbai and Delhi- India, since I have read about these places in newspaers and articles. In addition, to my surprise I got a call the very same day, the executive collected my investigation reports and reverted to me with expert opinion. He offered some good packages pertaining to my Fibroid surgery in India with option as Mumbai or Delhi. I then discussed with my husband about the same, and we concluded that it would be a wise to opt for Mumbai for my Fibroid surgery. I then gave my immediate consent for the same. Thus we booked our tickets and reached Mumbai.

In Mumbai, things seemed a perfect tailor made for me, everything was smooth and organized, and we were really impressed by the professionalism of Indian Medguru people. We soon met my surgeon, he seemed a professional fellow. Soon the day for my Fibroid surgery in Mumbai arrived. The doctor adopted vaginal hysterectomy procedure for my Fibroid surgery. This is the most widely done surgery on females. During this procedure, the uterus is removed through the vagina. A vaginal hysterectomy is appropriate only for conditions such as uterine prolapse, endometrial hyperplasia, orcervical dysplasia. These are conditions in which the uterus is not too large, and in which the whole abdomen does not require examination using a more extensive surgical procedure. The woman will need to have her legs raised up in a stirrup device throughout the procedure. Women who have not had children may not have a large enough vaginal canal for this type of procedure. If a woman has too large a uterus, cannot have her legs raised in the stirrup device for prolonged periods, nor has other reasons why the whole upper abdomen must be further examined, the doctor will usually recommend an abdominal hysterectomy. In general, laparoscopic vaginal hysterectomy is more expensive and has higher complication rates than abdominal hysterectomy. Thus I had a smooth Fibroid surgery in Mumbai-India.

My surgeon discharged me after my Fibroid surgery in Mumbai with a long list of precautions like using enough sanitary pads on hand since its common for the recovering patient to have discharge and blood discharge for a few days. To have someone do the lifting for me until I am completely recovered. Avoid eating or drinking dairy foods while I am recovering and the crucial part was that I rest after my Fibroid surgery. So after 6 weeks following my Fibroid surgery in Mumbai-India now, I am perfect, hale and hearty. Indeed the company- Indian Medguru Group, deserves huge applauds and so is the medical team in Mumbai hospital.

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