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Mr. Adeyanju, Nigeria
Gall Bladder Surgery

Mr. Adeyanju, Nigeria
Gall Bladder Surgery
Gallstone Removal Procedure performed by Certified Surgeons in India

I was suffering from Gall stones and my doctor suggested that surgery will help. So recently, I had a Gallstone Removal Procedure in India under certified surgeons. I contacted Indian Medguru Group for assistance. After surfing through their official website, I sent them my query and immediately got a response from them. Indian Medguru Group coordinated very well. Without their help, I never could have got Gallstone Removal Procedure in India at an affordable price. I came to India with my wife. Indian Medguru Group also assisted us with the visa procedure. All my pre medical and post medical investigations were included in the surgery package. I am highly satisfied with the services I got from Indian Medguru Group. The hospital where my Gallstone Removal Procedure was carried out was geared up with the latest medical technologies. The medical facilities available there were same as in the West. I am very thankful to the surgeon who carried out my Gallstone Removal Procedure in India for his kindness. Because of your compassion and professionalism, my surgery was successful. I would also like to extend a note of gratitude to Indian Medguru Group for their hospitality. We had a great experience in India and if needed, we will definitely come back to India for medical treatments.

Mr. Adeyanju

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