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German Patient's Experience of Gastroenterology Surgery in India

I came to India for Gastroenetrology to have a thorough and rigorous health examination. I am completely satisfied with the facilities, staff, and equipment. From the very first e mail that I sent, till the day that I checked out Dr Dheeraj Bojwani was very responsive to all my needs and questions. The staff is well trained, polite, gentle, and thoughtful. Their English is very good. The doctors are very intelligent, thorough and have kneen sense of humor.

All of the testing equipment is either new or very close to new and all of it is well maintained and in excellent working condition. I saw only top of the line equipment from leading manufacturers from all over the world including the USA, Japan, and U.K & Germany. The hospital staff is conveniently located. The building seems to be only a few years old and is immaculately maintained. Sanitary conditions are rigorously maintained.

I would not hesitate to return to India and I recommend Indian Med Guru Consultants to anyone in need of treatment.

Thank You!
Mrs. Courtney Wright

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