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Have Diabetic foot complications? Come to India

Mr. Saka, Nigeria
Diabetic Foot Surgery

Hi, I am Mr. Saka. I am from Nigeria. Recently I was in India for my treatment regarding my Diabetic foot complications. I was a restless soul couple of month’s back, due to the Diabetic foot complications, my doctor suggested to have my surgery done to get rid of this problem. Ironically, I couldn’t find any solution back in my country. With all dismay and hopelessness, I tried to get solution from the internet for making myself free from the Diabetic foot complications. Luckily I came through the Indian Medguru Group, a medical consultant who is into medical tourism. I communicated with them, discussed my Diabetic foot complications, the executive immediately discussed my case with his medical experts and called me with good package for Diabetic foot complication Surgery in India, I thought for a while and found the solution viable. So without any further delay, I packed my bags and reached India. There all the arrangements were made for my Diabetic foot surgery. The hospital where I was treated and finally got rid of my Diabetic foot complications was mind blowing; I really had good time being treated there. I must thank to the people of Indian Medguru who made things possible for my Diabetic foot complication surgery in India. Certainly, I am going to recommend my friends about having their medical treatments and surgeries including the Diabetic foot surgery in India. I really owe to these people who made me free from Diabetic foot complications, through the surgery. May God bless them all with His bounty and fragrance!

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