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Dr. Mohammed, Nigeria
Medical Checkup in India

Dr. Mohammed, Nigeria
Medical Checkup in India
Health Screening in India – Find problems early for better cure and treatment possibility

health screening packages India, health treatment India, health treatment Health Screening in India is available with high class medical amenities. It comes with affordable price and quality service. The foreign patients opting Health Screening in India certainly experience beneficial results exceeding all other treatment methods by a significant margin. Indian Medguru Group is one of the leading medical tourism companies of India, wherein you can find problems early for better cure and treatment possibility. In the past few years, we have carved a niche for ourselves in the field of medical tourism. Every year we assist hundreds of patients who take back home pleasant memories. Recently, Dr. Mohammed from Nigeria was here for his Health Screening in India. He shares his experience with us.

Hello. This is Dr. Mohammed from Nigeria. I am glad that I got this opportunity to share my wonderful experience I had during my Health Screening in India. What should I say about this brief stay in India? I am really pleased to see high quality service rendered by Indian Medguru Group I would rather say, perhaps, it was my greatest time in life to be in India, to see myself coming down to India to get a comprehensive Health screening, suggesting me with a great deal of solution for my medical ailment and soon I am going to come for my surgery back here to get of this medical ailment. Why I called my medical trip for Health Screening in India, a memorable because of the time I had at some of the exotic tourist places. It were days, when I was very much worried about my health issues, I moved around for solutions back in my home country, but either it was beyond our reach or didn’t had the required medical amenities.

This made me think of trying something on the internet, I kept trying for various countries, then I tried Health Screening in India, I was flooded with information through a medical consultant called, Indian Medguru Group, I then went through their website, had my satisfaction of having medical treatments done in India, then called their executive. I was dealt very politely by the executives of Indian Medguru Group, they chalked out some good package for both me, the package offered was within our reach, I immediately agreed on the same and went ahead to opt for my treatment along with my complete Health Screening done in India. I then booked my tickets and soon boarded my flight for Bangalore for the said Health Screening in India.

I was really delighted to see things the way it is delivered to me as promised. I was really happy to see such an organized management evident by the medical consultant- Indian Medguru Group for my Health Screening in India. During My Health Screening in India my doctor performed Blood pressure tests using the automated machines at local grocery stores and pharmacies. While Cholesterol screening which is important for an elderly person like me in order to know my heart problems if any, my kidney and lungs as well along with sugar tests too. The other tests during my Health screening also had prostate exam, physical exam etc. Fortunately, I did not have to worry much as all the test results were clear, however, the other tests like cardiovascular tests which done through EKG and X-ray, revealed that I require back surgery to get rid of my medical ailment. Now with a very good Health Screening in India I got the answer of my problem which often bugged me, and soon with the help of my medical consultant, I have get things rectified.

After this I would come out of my medical ailment through a surgery to be soon organized in the near future. My complete Health Screening in India gave me the opportunity to have a thorough check up uncovering my medical ailment, which helped me to decide my further course of action in the coming future. I also would have my complete Health Check up done in India. Following my Health screening I visited some exiting places of India, which was the part of the very package offered to me. I really had good time in India while having my medical ailments sorted out. I should thank everyone in India who expedited things for me. Indeed, the people of Indian Medguru Group proved to be among the noble men who are at your service anytime when you require them, may God bless them all! Amen.

Thank you,
Dr. Mohammed

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