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Heart valve repair surgery performed at Cardiac care hospitals of Bangalore and Ahemdabad with best medical facilities in India

heart valve repair surgery, heart valve repair surgery Bangalore, heart valve repair surgery Ahemdabad Getting your Heart valve repair surgery at Cardiac care hospitals of Bangalore and Ahemdabad, your get the best medical facilities in India. India has emerged to be a favorite destination for global patients who come all across the world for their medical treatments including Heart valve repair surgery. Indian Medguru is a medical tourism company in India, wherein countless foreign patients come for their medical treatment. Every year we assist hundreds of patients who take back home good image of India and the service catered. Unlike many, Mrs. Nweke along with her son from Nigeria was in India for her Heart valve repair surgery in India. She shares her experience with us.

Hi, I am Mrs. Nweke. I am from Nigeria. Just couple of weeks back I had my Heart valve repair surgery in India. I was really speechless seeing the incredible experience of getting treated at the leading Cardiac care hospital in India. And the entire show was managed by the Indian Medguru Group. I still remember how difficult it was for me to live with my cardiac problem. My doctor categorically said to have my Heart valve repair surgery as soon as possible. But having known to the fact that my place has the dearth of good medical infrastructure, I had no option but to hunt an alternate to get my Heart valve repair surgery done outside Nigeria. With all dismay I and my son started our internet search. We then came in touch with the Indian Medguru people, I browsed their website, read their patients success story and found this group reliable. I dropped an e-mail enquiring about doing my Heart valve repair surgery in India. And to my surprise I got a call the very same day, the executive collected my investigation reports and reverted to me with expert opinion. He gave options of having my treatment done in Cardiac care hospitals of Bangalore or Ahemdabad I then discussed with my son about the same, and we then concluded on finalizing Bangalore for my Heart valve repair surgery in India. I then gave my immediate consent for the Heart valve repair surgery in India. Thus we booked our tickets and reached India.

In India, things seemed a perfect tailor made for me, everything was smooth and organized, and we were really impressed by the professionalism of Indian Medguru people. We soon met my doctor, he seemed a professional fellow. Soon my day for the Heart valve repair surgery in India dawned. I was nervous a bit since this was my fist open-heart surgery; I was under general anesthesia during my entire surgery. I stayed in the hospital for about a week, including at the Intensive Care Unit for few days. The Recovery after my Heart valve repair surgery in India took sometime as my heart wasn’t very healthy. I had my rest and limited my activities. My doctor suggested me a heart rehabilitation program. So after 6 weeks following my Heart valve repair surgery in India now, I am perfect, hale and hearty. Indeed the company- Indian Medguru, came as a blessing in my life, they deserves accolades and appreciation. Big thanks to them and to my doctor who accomplished my Heart valve repair surgery in India.

Thank you,
Mrs. Nweke

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