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Herniated Disc surgery in India comes as a boon for International patients coming from all across the globe

Mr. Mohammed Rasool, Iraq
Spine Surgery

Mr. Mohammed Rasool writes to us after his mother’s Herniated Disc Surgery in India
“Well what can you say to someone who saved your life or your loved onces life, that's the dilemma I have. Words are falling short to thank the people of Indian Medguru who have been instrumental in arranging everything for my mother’s Herniated Disc Surgery in India. About a year ago, and it got to the point where my mother could not sleep at night. Numbness, tingling, pain that would run up her arms all the way up into her neck. Somedays were better than the others and sometimes all symptoms were itermittent. My mother tried all the conservative treatments at home but nothing helped her or relieved her from the pain. Took her to a local doctor in Iraq, had some physical tests with a MRI confided that due to the gradual and repetitive straining of the spine, it has led to a herniated disc problem. Disc herniation is an increasingly common ailment among adults. Some of the symptoms of a herniated disc include leg pain, back pain, and weakness in the muscles of the lower extremities. The doctor suggested that Herniated Disc Surgery in India is the last resort to releive my mother from her back problems and disc problems.

The doctor suggested some hospitals and medical centers in Iraq, but after checking those, I couldn’t afford to risk anything, so without any further delay, I searched the internet and found a medical consultant called Indian Medguru from India who offered Herniated Disc Surgery in India. I thoroughly checked their website, and decided to seek their help. I then e-mailed them my query, and rest just went happening, they collected my mother’s report, got back with the expert opinion pertaining to her Herniated Disc Surgery in India. Considering all the advantages of having the surgery done in India, I gave my consent, they also helped in our visa processing.

The orientation is important because the doctor tells you every step. The doctor starts from why you have back pain, shows you pictures, talks to you. The Herniated Disc Surgery in India deals with the removal of the fragment of spinal disc that is causing the pressure on the nerve. This procedure is called a discectomy. My mother’s Herniated Disc Surgery in India was performed under a general anesthesia. The procedure took an hour to complete, depending on the extent of the disc herniation, the size of the patient, and other factors. A discectomy is done with the patient lying face down, and the back pointing upwards. In order to remove the fragment of herniated disc, the surgeon made an incision over the center of her back. The incision was about 3 centimeters in length. The surgeon then carefully dissected the muscles away from the bone of her spine. Using special instruments, the surgeon removed a small amount of bone and ligament from the back of the spine. This part of the procedure is called a laminotomy. Once this bone and ligament are removed, the surgeon can see, and protect, the spinal nerves. Once the disc herniation is found, the herniated disc fragment is removed. Depending on the appearance and the condition of the remaining disc, more disc fragments may be removed in hopes of avoiding another fragment of disc from herniating in the future. Once the disc is cleaned out from the area around the nerves, the incision was closed and a bandage was applied.

Within two days of reaching India, my mother had her Herniated Disc Surgery in India. My mother, after her Herniated Disc Surgery in India was evident with her leg pain, pain around the incision was also experienced, but was well controlled with oral pain medications. My mother spent one night at the hospital for her Herniated Disc Surgery in India and was discharged the following day. The surgeon prescribed gentle activities after Herniated Disc Surgery in India, such as sitting upright and walking. She was strictly to avoid lifting heavy objects, and try not to bend or twist the back excessively. Also was asked to avoid strenuous activity or exercise until cleared by the doctor. Our experience of coming so far to India for my mother’s Herniated Disc Surgery in India was possible only because of Indian Medguru Group.

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