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Hip Replacement Surgery in India

Mr. Joseph, UK
Hip Resurfacing Surgery in India

Plan your THip Replacement Surgery in India with Indian Medguru Consultants

Hip Replacement Surgery in India is performed by the highly qualified surgeons and doctors at the top hospitals using latest techniques and modern equipments. Indian Medguru is a medical travel partner which acts as a bridge between overseas patients and best doctors in India for affordable price Hip Replacement Surgery in India.

How things function at Indian Medguru Group:

Hip Replacement Surgery in India for a patient from Dubai

I am Mr. Joseph from Dubai. I came for my hip replacement Surgery in India done through Indianhealthguru Consultants. After waiting eighteen months to see a surgeon, I was advised it would be at least twelve months before I could have surgery due to the lengthy wait list. As both hips required resurfacing, I was faced with a lengthy wait. During the eighteen months I waited to see a surgeon, I spent many hours researching hip replacement and hip replacement. It was by chance the Indianhealthguru Consultants website appeared on my screen. Encouraged by the testimonials, I decided that living in pain for another year was not an option.

I contacted them and within three weeks, my wife and I were traveling to India. From the moment we landed in Mumbai, the care and hospitality we received was exceptional and exceeded our expectations. Travel and accommodation arrangements for my hip replacement surgery in Mumbai was excellent and their staff eliminated the problems we may have encountered. We were met at the airport in India by a customer relations officer of the company and taken to our hotel. A patient coordinator called our hotel shortly after we arrived, to ensure we were satisfied with the arrangements and told us he would visit us at the hotel that afternoon; the following day we were taken to a fully contained, private suite at the hospital. The incredible personalized treatment received alleviated any concerns I may have had.

After the first surgery, my first thought was there is no pain. The care provided by the nursing staff after the surgery was incredible. Six days later I had the second hip replacement surgery. Today is day twelve and I am walking without pain. All of this would not have been possible without the excellent care received by all the staff of Indianhealthguru Consultants. I want to Thank the whole team of Indianhealthguru Consultants including the best hip replacement surgeon in Delhi, Mumbai and their staff for their help and assistance in arranging the best medical facilities and treatment for my hip replacement surgery in India.

Why to Get Hip Replacement Surgery in Delhi, Mumbai India?

Getting your hip replacement surgery in Delhi, Mumbai India has the following advantages:

With each passing day we see the rising medical treatment costs. However, India is capitalizing on its highly trained orthopedic surgeons in Delhi, Mumbai offering low costs advantage that appeal to the flocking medical tourists from abroad. The best doctors for hip replacement surgery in Delhi, Mumbai, India have education, certifications, training and experience from the prestigious international medical schools and institutions.

Delhi is the capital city of India and Mumbai is a culturally rich place with the presence of many healthy spots where you could recuperate in peace or to go on sight-seeing post recovery. Usually, most patients from abroad combine their affordable hip replacement surgery cost in Delhi, Mumbai with a trip to attractive tourist spots. Indian Medguru Consultants facilitates your medical trip to India at the top orthopedic hospitals in Delhi, Mumbai, India.

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