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11yrs ago I had a breast augmentation with saline breast implants placed above the muscle. I did not research at all; I just went to a Doctor that someone else I knew went to also. Initially I was happy because I had breasts but it didn't take long for me to find a lot of problems. I could really feel the breast implants and saw some rippling on the sides when I would bend forward. They became harder and less "mobile" if that makes sense. Basically they really felt fake. After 2 kids and breastfeeding back to back, my skin was worn out and I needed at breast lift. I started researching a year before I even spoke to anyone about it.

I immediately found Indianmedguru Consultants website and was very interested because they specializes in secondary breast augmentation. India at first seemed a little far since I lived in UK but I still was very impressed with the website. Then one fine day, my one breast implant started leaking. I slowly noticed it shrinking and I had bad rippling. So I new it was time.

I made an appointment with Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani and flew to India the staff were very friendly and Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani was so professional and very informative. He spent a great deal of time with me during both my appointments especially when I was trying to decide the right size for me. I immediately felt that this was the right place to do my procedure. My surgery would not be that easy. I needed implants removed, scarring removed, silicone breast implants placed under the muscle now (previously placed above) and a bilateral lift. This is not something I would want just any plastic surgeon to do. It was very easy to find plastic surgeons to do breast augmentations, but if you were looking for secondary or revision breast implant surgery, it was not as easy. Indianmedguru website went into great detail about this subject.

My surgery went fine, I had some nausea and vomiting after I went back to the hotel in the evening but when Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani called and found out, he immediately called a prescription in to a nearby pharmacy to help me out.

The post op check-ups went very well and again he spent a great deal of time with me since I was not local and could not just "pop in" any time I had a question or problem. The staff was also very helpful with any questions or phone calls I made. My breasts are so soft and look very natural now. I am amazed at the difference. After a wonderful experience of my Revision breast augmentation surgery I decided to go for dental implants as well Moral of the story: Traveling to India was the best decision I made. It was worth every mile; there is a ton of things to do there and a million hotels to choose from. But most importantly, there is a great surgeon located there! I already know how much better I look and feel. I am also excited to see Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani in person and thank him again!

Linda Tucker

I can honestly say going to India through Indianmedguru Consultants was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. I had Gastric Bypass Surgery and have dropped from 272 pounds/size 24(3X) to 146 pounds/size eight. Before having surgery, I had irregular menstrual cycles, sleep apnea, and joint pain and was taking diabetic medication. Within one month after the operation, I had NONE of these symptoms. Following the orders of the surgeon and dietician to the letter were extremely helpful and an aid to my success. It is imperative to realize that gastric-bypass is just a tool and that sticking with the diet that is prescribed for post-op patients is essential. Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani repeatedly stressed these points to me before and after my surgery, especially that I must watch what I eat and exercise. Following these guidelines has kept me healthy and I've never had to go to the hospital or emergency room for any complications due to the surgery.

Everything I was unable to do before the surgery is now possible, from little things like crossing my legs, wearing a belt, fitting comfortably into plane seats and restaurant booths, to major accomplishments like getting fit. I work out four days a week and the gym (which used to be my enemy) is now a best friend that I look forward to seeing.

I would give Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani a rating of 10+++.

Chelsea Christopher

After 14 months of serious research and contemplation (not to mention a lifetime of being overweight or obese), I finally had gastric bypass surgery. I carefully chose to go through Indianmedguru Consultants to perform my surgery and assist me through this amazing journey. I couldn't be happier with the results. After losing more than 145 pounds and having my BMI go from 50.7 to 25.5, I truly am a new woman.

Although at my core I'm still the same person, my entire life has changed. Each and every day I encounter small miracles that I've never experienced before, from being able to sit cross-legged in a coach airplane seat to being able to jog and run up steps without getting winded. Since my surgery I've traveled to Europe and Manhattan, walked around all day long and had energy to spare! This is something I never could have done without the weight loss this surgery made possible for me.

. While I don't believe weight loss surgery is for everyone, I certainly believe that I would never have lost my excess weight without it. I would encourage anyone who feels they may be a candidate and is ready to experience such change in their lives to contact Indianmedguru Consultants. And if you do have weight loss surgery, be sure to do everything your doctors tell you to do! It will be essential to your immediate and long-term success. I would also recommend you find a local support group and attend monthly meetings, even before your surgery!

Every day I wake up with a newfound feeling of enthusiasm and appreciation for living. Having conquered the biggest challenge of my life, I feel I can do anything I set my mind to. The factors that kept me from being all that I could be and experiencing all that I could experience no longer exist, and I'm living every moment to the fullest. Recently, I was sharing some of my future goals with an acquaintance, which consisted of skydiving, learning to snowboard and studying martial arts. When asked why in the world I'd want to do those things, the best reason I could come up with was simply: Because now I can!

Mackenzie Rasworth

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