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I have been entirely comfortable during my hernia surgical stay here. The obvious experience demonstrated in dealing with International patients make me able to recommend your service to any associates. While my surgical procedure hernia was minor and routine I would and probably will return in the future should a need arise. My room was appropriately appointed; when I described it to my friends in the Canada by e-mail they concluded I was on a holiday. Meals were well prepared and varied Matter of fact medical treatment, state of art equipment, a skilled surgical team and round the clock nursing care provided an anxiety free stay.

I was amazed at how quiet my room was in such a busy hospital. I am also grateful to Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani for his tireless effort in co coordinating my visit. The e-mails and telephone calls, assistance in expediting my visa, all made this visit a positive and successful experience. Overall Indian Med Guru Consultants have raised my expectation of what professional medical treatment should be.

Shane Bennett

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