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Economical Vaso epididymostomy surgery at Hyderabad in India

I had a round of tests that saw me going from department to department; all these tests were carried out with utmost thoroughness, nurses explaining as we went along. All procedures were carried out with care and kindness. The patient’s welfare seems to be considered all times. Staff is ready to chat in a relaxed atmosphere. I am very impressed with the young nurses; they are very concentrated in carrying out various duties.

Tuesday evening I was told that my appendix is going to be removed tomorrow, liked the open, frank attitude of the surgeon. Had a blip, had to have more tests, had something that might be a problem, had more specialised tests, cannot believe the level of care, better than anything I have had in the past, nothing is left to chance. Had my operation on Wednesday, as I was going into theatre there was a prayer said for me, never had anything like that before Staff of all grades have a caring attitude, the dietician will try to cater for likes and dislikes. I would come to Indian through Indian Med Guru Consultants without any hesitation, if I needed to. The service on every level has exceeded my expectations.

Andrea Jenkins

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