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I had experienced dental problems for about 5 years I ground my teeth due to stress but had a fear of the dentists. My teeth deteriorated to the extent that when I finally plucked up the courage to visit a dentist he was told they were as badly worn as somebody in their 70’s. I was told that extensive dental repair work was needed but I couldn’t afford it at the time. I only went back to the dentist to have fillings replaced. Becausee my toothache was so bad I decided to search the internet for temporary fillings and stumbled upon Indianmedguru Consultants, India.

I explained my problem to Dr Dheeraj Bojwani and sent photos of my teeth then received an estimate, which was approximately 70% cheaper than what quoted in Germany. I immediately booked a flight to India where I had twenty porcelain veneers, five laminates, dental crowns (ceramic) and two tooth whitening treatments. The treatment came to £1,980, and I paid £800 in travel and accommodation costs which made the overall cost £2,700. The same treatment in the Germany would have cost almost £9,000-£11,000.

Indianmedguru Consultants took care of organising the hotel and transfers and I met the dentist for my first session as soon as I arrived. After a week of long sessions where every tooth was ground down and rebuilt I was the proud owner of a whole new set of teeth. I didn’t enjoy being in the dentists chair but the staff at the clinic made the experience a lot better and my fears were allayed. When I got home I suffered from toothache for a while but this soon passed and I can now eat normally and drink hot and cold drinks which gave me so much pain before. I intend to return to India in the near future and meet everyone again.

Nauzha Kacem

Mr David Johnson's hand written testimonial that mentions about the best services he received from Dheeraj Bojwani and Indianmedguru. Should the need arise he would be back again - Mr Johnson was here for laparoscopic hernia repair at the Wockhardt Hospital. (Mr Johnson has his music store in USA)

I would like to thank Dheeraj Bojwani for getting my visa in such a short time (2 days) and your help with everything. I was most impressed with everything, all the things you told me very understated as I received much more.The phone calls made before my arrival at the hospital smoothened out the complete Journey and made it look like a seamless procedure. I recommend your services to anyone and would answer any questions from your clients.

Mr David Johnson- who underwent Minimal Invasive Laparoscopic hernia repair at the wockhardt hospital.

He says-

I am very thankful and grateful to Dheeraj Bojwani And Indianmedguru -who co-ordinated my full trip. The rates that he got me for the surgery were unimaginable. The myriad of phone calls and emails,arranging my visa on time Were so wonderfully co-ordinated that my trip was absolutely Hassle free and was a wonderful experience.

If the need arises again-I would be back here without a second thought.

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