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International patient experience with colon cancer surgeons at Chennai in India

An international patient Mr.Mekonen from Ethiopia shares his experience of getting Colon Cancer Surgery from a Colon Cancer Surgeon at Chennai in India. Mekonen says “I am from Ethiopia. I was in India for my colon cancer surgery and I was treated in a fine professional way by the Colon Cancer Surgeon at Chennai in India who came to know about my case through the genuine help and medical correspondence of Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani. I suffered from constipation, thin stool and unexplained weight loss for a couple of months I got an MRI scan of my stomach and became blank after learning that I had Colon Cancer. It was not possible to get a good doctor in Ethiopia for getting assured recovery. Thank God at that time my own doctor spoke about Indianmedguru.

I contacted to Indianmedguru Consultants in India and Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani the chief health consultant surgeon after studying my case discussed it with a Colon Cancer Surgeon at Chennai in India who was working under his assistance and was trained from US. He had expertise in performing cancer surgery procedures. After getting the surgery dates I was medically hospitalized at a Cancer Surgery hospital of Chennai having all the latest medical technology and equipments. So, I was sure that I was in safe hands. Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani had employed one of his staff associates at the hospital and he assisted me well during my stay and made all my requirements to be met without any delay. I was provided with a colectomy procedure to remove cancer tumors from my colon region. I was offered a 5 days post surgery stay after my colon cancer surgery in India during that time I felt my intestine to be inactive so I was fed with fruit juice and glucose plus the doctor also gave me pain medications to avoid stomach pain. The whole medical staff was fabulous and made me at ease during my surgery. The medical care of Indianmedguru and the Colon Cancer Surgeon at Chennai in India was really appreciable as now it has been a month and I am showing perfect signs of recovery. Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani you have given me a new life thank you very much!”


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