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International standard medical centres deliver high end Unicompartmental knee replacement in India

unicompartmental knee replacement India, unicompartmental knee replacement, unicompartmental knee replacement procedure India The Indian medical centres are known for delivering high end Unicompartmental knee replacement in India. The interesting factor is the cost; these medical treatments come at minimal cost as compared with treatments performed at developed nations like US and UK. However, the quality come par with them thus making India a favorite destination for various medical treatments including the Unicompartmental knee replacement. The reasons are obvious, the quality treatments plus the affordability factor. Indian Medguru Group is a medical tourism company in India, wherein countless foreign patients come for their medical treatment.

Every year we assist hundreds of patients who take back home good image of India and the service catered. Unlike many, Mr. Hayder from Iraq had his Unicompartmental knee replacement in India. He shares his experience with us.

Hello, I am Mr. Hayder from Iraq. Recently I had my Unicompartmental knee replacement in India. Thanks a lot to the persistent effort by our medical consultant Indian Medguru Group, who arranged my Unicompartmental knee replacement with best care and professionalism. I was suffering from my knee pain, with every passing day turning hell. I could barely walk, my social life was badly affected, I often used to remain over my beds doing nothing, till one fine day I consulted the doctor, he listened to my agony and after doing a couple of tests and physical examination disclosed that I am suffering from arthritis and would now require Unicompartmental knee replacement. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any solution back at my home town or within Iraq. This compelled me to search for my Unicompartmental knee replacement in India along with other countries like Thailand, Indonesia etc. After spending a comprehensive time over the internet, I found Unicompartmental knee replacement in India pretty viable, since the packages offered for its treatment by Indian Medguru group was within my reach. I, therefore, immediately called them up to discuss the possibility of having my Unicompartmental knee replacement in India. The executive at the other end was sharp enough to understand my problem; he collected all the medical reports and turned up with an expert advice offering packages within my limit. After a couple of an e-mail exchange and phone calls, I was convinced that having my Unicompartmental knee replacement in India would be a fruitful decision to make. Thus I applied for Visa, Indian Medguru Group helped me to get it, and in no time I got the same and thus booked my tickets for India. At Airport, I was picked up by the executive of Indian Medguru Group. I met my Orthopedic surgeon who was supposed to perform my Unicompartmental knee replacement in India. He made us cool and comfortable through his positive attitude. Moreover, I just peeped inside the Apollo hospital in Delhi, it was country’s best known hospital with latest equipments and machines to treat the patients with the most modern ways.

international standard unicompartmental knee replacement India, high end unicompartmental knee replacement India, India unicompartmental knee replacement Soon my Unicompartmental knee replacement in India commenced. I was given a general anesthesia; the surgical team sterilized my leg with antibacterial solution. A three-inch incision was made down the front of the knee, exposing the ends of the shinbone and thighbone. On the damaged side of the knee, a quarter-inch piece of bone was removed from the bottom of my thighbone to expose the top of the shinbone. Damaged cartilage and meniscus (the main cartilage pad in the center of your knee) were then removed from the top of the shinbone on one side of the knee. The top of the shinbone was flattened and reshaped to fit the prosthetic shinbone part. The plastic shinbone (tibial) component was cemented in place. The damaged area on the bottom of the thighbone was removed and reshaped to fit the metal thighbone (femoral) part. The metal piece was then cemented in place over the thighbone. The surgeons tested the function of the new prosthetic pieces by bending the knee. The layers of tissue in my knee were stitched together and I was taken to the recovery room. I was there in the room for two hours and till the anesthetic went off. I was given a pain medicine orally as well as instructions for what to do over the next couple of days. My knee were be bandaged and they had ice on it. I had a significant pain early on and thus I had my pain medicine as directed. Thus my entire Unicompartmental knee replacement in India was nothing but went smooth.

After having my Unicompartmental knee replacement in India, my doctor suggested a couple of instructions to follow, which I abided for the next couple of weeks, as I am fit and fine, I certainly would like to thank my medical consultant- Indian Medguru Group for their splendid support in organizing my Unicompartmental knee replacement in India. Indeed, they are professional people with good nexus of leading hospitals and doctors, and have been catering with best services in India. I also would like to thank my doctor who carried out my Unicompartmental knee replacement in India, I would certainly recommend India for any medical treatment also the medical consultant- Indian Medguru Group.

Mr. Hayder

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