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Liver Enlargement treatment in India - Clinically termed as Hepatomegaly, video by a Nigerian sharing the symptoms and treatment experience

Ms. Lolo, Nigeria
Liver Treatment

Hi, I am Mrs. Lolo Amadi from Nigeria. Just recently my husband had his Liver Enlargement Treatment in India with best possible outcome. I am glad with the kind of services rendered by our medical consultant- Indian Medguru Group to us. Indeed they delivered what they had promised. My husband is really obliged to these people who alleviated his pain through his Liver Enlargement Treatment. Otherwise, we were running from pillar to post to get this treatment in Nigeria, but alas couldn't find any. My husband who was facing some symptoms of abdomen pain from sometime consulted a local doctor at in our hometown; the doctor did some tests and later disclosed with enlarged liver that the requirement of Liver Enlargement Treatment to cure all his liver problems. He suggested some places for the same; however, after trying these places, we thought that looking abroad for this treatment would only be fruitful for him. He directed me towards some local places to check with; however, after visiting them, I decided to have a look over the internet. I then browsed the internet, to find Liver Enlargement Treatment in India, Thailand, Mexico etc.

On comparing with various factors, we concluded that having his Liver Enlargement Treatment in India would be a better deal to make both in terms of quality and cost. Meanwhile, I also came in touch with a medical consultant called Indian Medguru Group from India who offered us good treatment options for my husband's Liver Enlargement Treatment in India. I then dropped them an e mailed about the possibility of having my husband's Liver Enlargement Treatment in India. The very same day, I got a call followed by an e-mail asking for my husband's investigation reports, followed by another email stating in detail about the dicussion they had with their top 3 surgeons in realtion to my husband's treatment, hospital name, doctors name and the possible dates avialable for the Liver Enlargement Treatment in India. Considering the various positive aspects of the same we confirmed them to travel to India.

Soon we booked our tickets and reached for my husband's Liver Enlargement Treatment in India. We were received by an exuberant executive of Indian Medguru Group; things seemed exactly the same as promised, good hospitality, good management, proper coordination etc. They did almost everything for us, right from arranging a surgeon to hospital to our visa etc. They really delivered what they promised. Without any furthet delay, my husband's Liver Enlargement Treatment in India commenced the same day we reached India. The doctor estimated the approximate size of the liver by touching it. Then also checked the lumps have formed inside it. X-ray, CT scan and ultra sound was done to confirm in these cases. Also, blood tests and biopsy of liver was also conducted to make things more clear.

Liver Enlargement Treatment in India started once the doctor identified the exact cause behind this problem. My husband, with the problem of Liver Enlargement was given medication to bring down its inflammation. In case it is a nonalcoholic fatty liver problem and it is due to obesity, the patient needs to opt for weight loss treatments by means of regular exercises. In the case of diabetic patients, which were my husband's case, the blood sugar and cholesterol was needed to be controlled. For liver cancer and leukemia, the treatment is chemotherapy and radiation. Anyone who has developed enlarged liver due to alcoholism should stop intake of alcohol immediately or else it could be fatal. The entire Liver Enlargement Treatment in India went perfect and soon my husband got the discharge with list of instructions to follow.

After the Liver Enlargement Treatment in India the doctor, suggested not to consume any food that is difficult to digest and to consume less fried foods, spicy and salty foods and sour foods. We are back to Nigeria now, and my husband is seen abiding by all of the instructions said by the doctor including the exercises. It was a wonderful experience of having his Liver Enlargement Treatment in India. I must take this opportunity to thank my medical consultant- Indian Healthguru Group who managed the entire Liver Enlargement Treatment in India the perfect way. Besides, I would also like to thank the doctor and his medical team for being so kind and supporting while treating my husband. I am sure I would certainly recommend the medical consultant and medical treatments in India to my relatives and friends.

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