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Mr. John, USA
Microdiscectomy Surgery

Mr. John, USA
Microdiscectomy Surgery
Lumbar Herniated Disc Surgery under experienced supervision in Hyderabad, in India

Hello. I am John from the United States. I got my Lumbar Herniated Disc Surgery in India with the assistance of Indian Medguru group. I was suffering from back problem and finally decided to get a Lumbar Herniated Disc Surgery after a discussion with my doctor. I came to know about Indian Medguru Group through the internet. The information provided at their site was all right. I sent them my query and got an immediate response from them. I discussed my problem with them. They asked for my medical records and got them studied by the experts. I am very pleased by the attention I got from Indian Medguru group. I got my Lumbar Herniated Disc Surgery in Hyderabad, where the medical facilities were outstanding. I never thought that I will find such type of medical facilities in India. The ambience at the hospital was convivial. In fact the entire hospital staff and my doctor were very compassionate. I got my Lumbar Herniated Disc Surgery in India under one of the most experienced surgeons. The pain is completely gone and I am feeling much better now. There is no one in particular, who I would like to thank because all of them have been very coordinating. In future, if I require any medical assistance, I would definitely consider India and would suggest the same to all my friends back home in the United States.

Thank you,

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