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Manchester Family Health Checkup Experience in Delhi India

After making contact with Indian Med Guru Consultants for my full comprehensive Health Check Up ten days later I found myself in New Delhi, the Flights, visa, hotel and hospital appointments all arranged for me. I was booked-in the next day, at the hospital for a whole body Well Man Check. On arrival at the hospital, still suffering from the culture shock, I booked in at 0900hrs and by 0915 I was having my first blood sample. The whole day was spent giving and taking samples, having scans, x-rays on every organ in my body.

After each test there was no waiting around, I was shown by medical staff my next room for every test. Nothing goes un-tested. Part of the package includes seeing two specialists nominated by you. I chose to see the gastrologist and spinal consultant. The gastrologist recommended I have an endoscopy. The result showing I had a hiatus hernia. This was done the next day, the spinal consultant, having explained my back problem to him, told me that I could be suffering from several different problems. The only way to find out definitely the reason for my pain was to have a MRI scan. This was arranged for me.

On Next day, I returned to the hospital and with three different consultants went through all my test results and recommended medication, diet and change in life style. It tool just 5 days to have all the tests at a fraction of the price or time scale it would cost on the NHS. All the consultants I was under, had trained in the UK at some point and always had time to speak or answer any questions. All the staff was pleasant and spoke good English.

I would definitely recommend Indian Med Guru Consultants and would not hesitate to return if I required any surgery in the future.

Thank You!
Mr. Trevor Sanders

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