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Dr. Satish Jain

Dr. Jain is presently working as Senior Consultant and Head of Neurology, Fortis Hospital Noida. Completed his MBBS from Medical College, Rohtak, completed his MD (Medicine) and then DM (Neurology) from AIIMS, New Delhi.

In 1993-94 he was awarded the William G Lennox International Clinic Research Fellowship of the Epilepsy Foundation of America to work at the Duke Centre for the Advanced Study of Epilepsy, Duke University Medical Centre, Durham, NC, USA .

1995: Between May 8-20 he was the visiting professor, Centre for the Advanced Study of Epilepsy, Duke University Medical Centre, Durham, NC, USA .

Awarded the Duke Epilepsy Research Professorship by the Duke Centre for Advanced study of Epilepsy, Duke University Medical Centre, Durham, NC, USA .

In 1997 he was recommended for biographical inclusion in the International Directory of Distinguished leadership, American Biographical Institute Inc., USA for Outstanding Contributions to Contemporary Society.

Nominated for the National Citizen's Award-1997 for contribution in the field of Medicine(Epilepsy).

In 1998 he was awarded "Doctor of the Year Award" for Noble Service to Society presented by Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma, Former President of India on behalf of the Bengal Education Society, New Delhi.

In 1999 he was the Visiting Professor at T.S.Srinivasan, Department of Clinical Neurology & Research, Public Health Centre, Chennai. In the same year he was also nominated to the Scientific Advisory Committee of the National Brain Research Centre ( India ).

In 2000 he was awarded Young Scientist Millennium Award-2000 for Biological Sciences of The National Academy of Sciences, India (NASI).

In 2001 he was appointed as International Ambassador of Epilepsy Award of International League against Epilepsy (ILAE) and International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE).

In 2002 he was elected as the Secretary General of the Indian Epilepsy Society.

In 2004 he was nominated a member of the Task Force on Human Genetics & Genome Analysis, Deptt. Of Biotechnology, Govt of India.

Nominated Member of the Task Force of Stem Cell Biology, Deptt. Of Biotechnology, Govt.Of India.

He was the professor of Neurology and Epileptologist at AIIMS, New Delhi before joining Fortis Hospitals.

He is a Member of Commission on Asian-Oceanic Affairs of the International League Against Epilepsy.

Resource Person for Asian-Oceanian Region - WHO-ILAE-IBE Global Campaign Against Epilepsy.

He has more than 170 scientific publications credited to him and more than 64 chapters and edited more than 7 book.

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