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Nigeria Patient gets successful Cardiac Failure Treatment at Hospital in Delhi India

Cardiac failure treatment is available at metro cities like Kolkata and Delhi in India along with treatments available for various other types of heart diseases. It is available with high end medical facilities and quality service. Indian Medguru Group is one of the leading medical consultants in India that organizes various treatments including Cardiac failure treatment at many cities like Kolkata, Delhi etc. In the past few years, we have been instrumental in providing medical treatments to countless global patients from all across the world. Recently, Ms. Lucy from Nigeria was in Delhi for her Cardiac failure treatment. She shares her experience with us.

Hi, I am Lucy. I am from Nigeria. Recently my Cardiac failure treatment was conducted at Delhi in India. I am lucky that I came in contact with Indian Medguru just in time who arranged everything for my treatment in India. At first my symptoms were – coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, and fatigue – appeared to be caused by a cold virus that had turned into bronchitis and then double pneumonia. Over the next two weeks, I first visited urgent care and then found a primary care doctor who recommended follow up at the clinic every few days to monitor my condition. I was taking medications to treat my symptoms, which were growing worse by the minute. When I would lie down, I couldn’t breathe, which made sleeping almost impossible, and I would lose feeling in my arms and legs after walking about 15 yards. Two weeks after my first doctor’s visit, I was given certain tests including Echocardiography, Coronary Angiography, etc I was confirmed with Cardiac Failure. My doctor suggested me a Cardiac failure treatment. Did a small search on the internet to find some solution both in Nigeria and abroad. However, couldn’t find any solution back at my country, though got some good results of Cardiac failure treatment in India. Meanwhile also came in touch with a medical consultant called Indian Medguru from India who offered good packages pertaining to Cardiac failure treatment in Kolkata and Delhi in India. I checked their patient’s videos, packages, hospital ties-ups etc, and finally decided to contact them regarding my Cardiac failure treatment. I emailed my query, to which I got a reply followed by a call.

After a couple of email exchange, I gave my consent for Cardiac failure treatment in Delhi India. Soon I with my cousin boarded the flight for Delhi for my Cardiac failure treatment. At the Delhi international airport, received by an executive of Indian Medguru. We went to the hotel followed by the hospital, got the chance to see my doctor, who was smart enough to understand my case, he assured me a good outcome of my Cardiac failure treatment in India. Angioplasty is the most common surgical procedure that is used for Cardiac failure treatment, which was used in my case. The procedure involves inserting a catheter into a blood vessel and threading it into the artery that is causing the heart failure. An extendable stent or a balloon is inflated pushing the plaque aside towards the arterial walls. And my entire Cardiac failure treatment was performed very smoothly. I stayed in the hospital for about a week, and returned to Nigeria.

Recovery after Cardiac failure treatment in Delhi was pretty fast, the doctor only advised me to maintain my diet properly. My doctor recommended a cardiac rehabilitation program, which would be supervised by specialists. After a while, I was able to exercise on my own. Low cholesterol low calorie food with regular walks was recommended by him since it would expedite the process of the recovery. No smoking and no alcohol. Losing weight, reducing caffeine intake, being more physically active etc are the other important factors that help in fast recovery after Cardiac failure treatment. At the end I thank everyone right from my medical consultant – Indian Medguru to my surgeon his team who accomplished my Cardiac failure treatment in Delhi.

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