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Nigeria Patient Mr. Friday's Total Hip Fracture Surgery in Chennai India

“My name is Friday and I am from Nigeria I came to India for my total hip fracture surgery at Chennai. I am so impressed with the genuine care and compassion showed to me by Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani also famous by the name Indian Medguru Consultant. When I was suffering from total hip fracture then I was not finding a good doctor in Nigeria and without a health insurance cover it was not possible for me to get a hip fracture surgery in a western country. Then I contacted the team of Indian Medguru Consultant after an intensive search on the internet and sent my case details to Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani telling him how I was not able to tolerate the hip pain and how I was not in a state of getting a costly hip surgery in a western destination.

At that time it was the help and support of Dr. Bojwani and his team that helped me to get in contact with a learned orthopedic surgeon of Chennai after going through his experience credentials sent to me by Indian Medguru I agreed to get a total hip fracture surgery at Chennai in India. During the surgery I was able to get a very low cost medical rehabilitation program for the procedure of total hip fracture surgery. The medical staff provided to me by Indian Medguru was really well trained and all the surgery programs conducted at the Indian Hospital were operated by means of modern surgical equipments. My total hip fracture surgery was operated by the same surgeon recommended to me by Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani. Total hip fracture surgery at Chennai in India was very successful for me as the Indian medical staff and the Indian doctors were very caring and they gave me a full modern facilities health recovery program. So I got recovery from my hip fracture surgery within 16 days after my total hip fracture surgery at Chennai in India in fact I saw the recovery signs after 2 weeks and I am very prompt to say that Indian Medguru is a genuine health service provider.”

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