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Nigerian Patient's Testimonial of Affordable Joint Surgery in India

I am Mr. Ofomata Igwe from Nigeria. I came to India for my joint Surgery in India through the IndianMedGuru consultants. Before undergoing my joint Surgery in India I was suffering from terrible pain. I was able to walk a very few yards, I couldn’t climb the stairs and I couldn’t even do any exercises. I tried everything which was thought to be method to get rid of the pain which I had in my knees like knee massages, some exercises and I also took some medicines but I did not get any results out of it.

Due to this I was not able to do my work related to bank and post office also as we have to stand in line and wait for our turn. But after a few days of my Knee joint Surgery I am able to walk properly I am able to climb the stairs and I also complete my work quickly. I always wanted to undergo a Joint Surgery but I couldn’t afford to pay the fees of the doctors in our country. Then one day I came to know about the IndianMedGuru Consultants through my co-worker as he has experienced getting the surgery done through them and was very happy with the results so knowing this I also enquired about my joint Surgery in India and talked to them about my problem. I had faith in them as my colleague had an experience of getting the surgery done through them and they provided me with all the information regarding what surgery will be operated on me and what will be the procedures, etc. So I went to India for my Surgery and today I am so happy because of the results I got from my Surgery. The doctors surely went an extra mile to provide me the best treatment for my Surgery. It was quite affordable to get the Surgery done through this medical tourism company. I will always recommend a person suffering from any kind of disease to get their surgery done through them. I thank the doctor for giving me well treatment for my joint Surgery in India.

Thank You!
Mr. Ofomata Igwe

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