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Nigerian Patient's Shoulder Reconstruction Surgery in Chennai India

" A Nigerian Patient Uche got medical outsourcing by Indian Medguru for his shoulder reconstruction surgery at Chennai in India. Uche says "I had lost all hope of getting healing from my shoulder injury until I met and talked with Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani the CEO and health consultant of Indian Medguru. Then when I contacted the healthcare group of Indian Medguru for asking them about the available low cost options for getting shoulder reconstruction surgery in India as I was not able to pay the high medical bills in a US hospital.

The team of Indian Medguru showed me prompt response in giving me the details of Indian doctors who were highly reputed for providing orthopedic surgery procedures. Then I got the details of an orthopedic surgeon of Chennai whose profile appealed to me too much and asked Dr. Bojwani to arrange my shoulder reconstruction surgery at Chennai in India. After my medical visa approval I traveled India with my brother Friday to the recommended orthopedic surgery hospital at Chennai. The medical rehabilitation facilities provided to me during my shoulder reconstruction surgery at Chennai in India was of international quality and I didn’t experience any pain or complication during my shoulder operation as the Indian medical staff was quite alert concerning it. I got a very low price medical package for my shoulder reconstruction surgery at Chennai in India and it really helped me to get an early recovery from my shoulder fracture. Thank you too much Indian Medguru for your help."


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