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Nigerian woman finds solution for her Knee Replacement Surgery at Goa India

Knee joint replacement surgery in Goa and Kerala is the most known medical treatment one hears for patients coming from various parts of the world. The reasons include the low cost advantage along with the best quality as catered in the developed nations of US and UK. Thus the global patients can avail affordable Knee joint replacement surgery in Goa and Kerala amidst the enthralling atmosphere for these places for which they are known for. Indian Medguru Group is a medical tourism company in India, wherein countless foreign patients come for their medical treatment.Every year we assist hundreds of patients who take back home good image of India and the service catered. Unlike many, Mrs. Babarinde from Nigeria had her Knee joint replacement surgery in Goa; she shares his experience with us.

Hi, this is Mrs. Babarinde, I am from Nigeria. Recently, I had my Knee joint replacement surgery in Goa. Wow what a wonderful experience I had while having my surgery followed by a leasure trip to some beautiful beaches of Goa. I love discussing this experience of being to India for my surgery. The journey from pain to relief was certainly stringent but at the end everything coolly settled down. Thanks to my medical consultant- Indian Medguru Group, who put their heart and soul in organizing my entire Knee joint replacement surgery in Goa. I remember how I have suffered from right knee pain since couple of months. The pain was really in a bad state. I could barely walk and put my legs forward. My knee was so painful that I could not drive well. The knee was hurting so much that I couldn't do anything of daily chores too. I consulted a local doctor who after a checkup suggested a Knee joint replacement surgery. I asked him to suggest some options here in Nigeria; however, he said that it was difficult to carry out my treatment there, for obvious reasons.

He cited out some people from his contacts who had their Knee joint replacement surgery in India and some other medical treatments. I met few of them who had good experience of traveling to India for their medical ailment. One among these families forwarded me the Newsletter of Medical tourism company of India Indian Medguru Group. After going through the same I decided to contact them. After my email, I got a prompt reply and a call explaining me about having my Knee joint replacement surgery in India. It took a week to have a complacent discussion on the same, I realized that having my Knee joint replacement surgery in Goa or Kerala would be a wise decision to make. As the package offered by them was excellent and too good to reject, so I and my husband booked our tickets for Goa. Soon I along with my husband reached for my Knee joint replacement surgery in Goa. At the airport we were warmly welcomed by the Indian Medguru Group executive, I was taken to the hospital immediately, without wasting my time, I had the chance of meeting the surgeon who was supposed to perform my Knee joint replacement surgery in Goa. This meeting helped me to settle down my fear and anxiety and boosted my morale, which helped me stay calm and composed during my Knee joint replacement surgery in Goa.

Once the anesthetic has been given the patient is prepared for the Knee joint replacement surgery: the damaged joint surfaces are removed. An incision approximately eight inches in length is made on the front of the knee. The damaged Knee joint surfaces are removed from all 3 bones making up the knee joint. Sometimes, depending on the surgeon, the back of the knee cap is left intact if it is not badly affected by the arthritis. The surrounding muscles and most of the ligaments are preserved. The lower end of the thigh bone (femur) is resurfaced with a metal cap. The upper end of the leg bone (tibia) is replaced with a plastic and metal implant with cement and or screws. The back of the kneecap (patella) is also resurfaced with an all-plastic implant. Highly specialized instruments are used that allow precision cutting of the bone so that the new joint fits perfectly. The type of Knee joint replacement used depends on surgeon's preference and patient requirements. Thus my entire Knee joint replacement surgery in India went smooth as the surgeon was quiet skilled who treated me.

My surgeon who performed my Knee joint replacement surgery in Goa asked to follow the prescribed physical therapy program carefully to rehabilitate my new knee joint. He prescribed me antibiotics. Now I can recommend Knee joint replacement surgery in Goa to any relative or friend requiring the same. It worked for me and it will work for everyone. After having my Knee joint replacement surgery in Goa, I had the pleasure of a trip to beautiful and exotic beaches of the city for which is known for. The trip was arranged keeping in mind my surgery and all my confort was loocked after very well by the executives of Indian Medguru Group. I am pleased to see that Indian Medguru Group also included these kind of leisure trip along with the medical treatment package. I am grateful to them for this Medical tourism package and to my surgeon who performed my successful Knee joint replacement surgery in Goa.

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