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Childless couple getting parent hood through surrogacy in India

Childless couple get parent hood through surrogacy in India. Generally everything goes happy as far as physical fitness is concern of new married couple. But some of unfortunate couples are not able to enjoy that finest gift and Mr. & Mrs. Foster was one of them. After having married for four years they became suspect of Infertility. Finally they decided to give an approach to a gynecologist .when they went for consultation they were asked for some medical investigations. Firstly the investigation was conducted for Mr. Foster; it was fine with the medical investigation report. Then the turn came for Mrs. Foster and when the medical reports of Mrs. Foster came it were about the infertility of Mrs. Foster. A gynecologist to whom they had consulted directed the way to become Parent by surrogacy. Being it was too costly it was not possible for them to go through, finally with respect to Mr. & Mrs. Foster condition they were advised to go to India for IVF treatment. Because India is only the country where they can fulfill their expectations at low cost. Here they came across Indianmedguru the medical tourism consultancy. Being the infertility problem was already in focus the expert panel of indianmedguru advised for Surrogate mother. It was only option for them to come out of the feeling of childless. Mr. & Mrs. Foster took into consideration of doctors’ advice and decided to go ahead with Surrogate mother. And the decision taken by expert panel of indianmedguru and Mr. & Mrs. Foster was proved true. With surrogacy in India in some months they were got a male baby and happily lived their lives.

Surrogate mother a woman who agrees, usually by contract and for a fee, to bear a child for a couple who are childless because the wife is infertile or physically incapable of carrying a developing fetus. Often the surrogate mother is the biological mother of the child, conceiving it by means of artificial insemination with sperm from the husband. In gestational surrogacy, the wife is fertile but incapable of carrying a growing fetus; the child is conceived by in vitro fertilization using the wife's eggs and her husband's sperm, and the resulting embryo is implanted in the surrogate mother's uterus. Surrogate motherhood has raised complex ethical and legal issues, and lawsuits over custody after the child's birth have resulted from both types of surrogacy. Several European countries and a number of states have passed laws banning paid surrogacy.

India has originated as one of the most important hubs for medical tourism. Many childless couples from the developed countries come to India for getting child, however India is a nice blend of top-class medical expertise at attractive prices is helping more and more Indian corporate hospitals to lure foreign patients, including patients from developed nations such as the UK and the US, for high end treatments like IVF and one of the most common is surrogacy. Surrogacy in India is very cheap in India when it is compared to the other western countries. India best known as a tourist's paradise offers a choice of beaches, majestic palaces, refreshing hill stations and more. With the new trend of medical tourism in India, now vacationers can enjoy a rejuvenating holiday and also avail of world-class medical treatment of different sorts. The hospitals which are recommended for surrogacy located in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Calcutta and Bangalore.

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