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Prostate cancer treatment in India at Chennai by hardworking staff of Indian Medguru

“I am glad to say that I got a great deal of speedy recovery from cancer tumors with a prostate cancer treatment at Chennai in India by hardworking staff of Indian Medguru. I appreciate the medical staff of Indian Medguru for it’s keen devotion to my medical case and especially to Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani it’s chief medical consultant who dealt my medical case in a very efficient way during my prostate cancer treatment at Chennai in India. I am from Cameroon and I was getting frustrated with my reports of that showed the presence of cancer tumors in my prostate gland.

I already had pain in my prostate gland and I had complications in the process of Urination. The price for cancer treatment was immense but I was also not getting a good doctor to get the operation of prostate cancer in a very effective way. Then I came across the website of Indian Medguru and I called the consultants of this healthcare group and told them about my disease. Then after an hour I again received a call from them and hey told me to send there case details by email and I did the same. Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani made a second call to me after 2 days and told that he has discussed and approved my prostate cancer surgery case with one of his trained cancer surgeons at Chennai and I was given the visiting date after a week for getting prostate cancer treatment at Chennai in India. When I arrived at the airport then I was glad to see 3 associates of Indian Medguru sent by Dr. Bojwani for assisting me. They took me to the cancer surgery hospital recommended to me and I was hospitalized to a special patient care room by the hospital staff under the supervision of team of Indian Medguru. The hospital staff and the doctors were caring and attentive to me and I got a good deal of fine quality medical care from the associates of Dr. Bojwani. they were quite professional and they made my prostate cancer treatment at Chennai in India a real success I got money savings as well as freedom from prostate cancer tumors.”


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