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South African Lady gets Hepatocellular Carcinoma Surgery in India

I am Mrs. Winnie from South Africa and I came for my Cheap Hepatocellular Carcinoma Surgery in Delhi India through IndianMedGuru consultants. In India I got the most economical and the best of medical services and care for my surgery and this is the main reason I am healed very fast. Before my Cheap Hepatocellular Carcinoma Surgery in Delhi India I have experienced many problems. The main problem which I have faced was jaundice due to which I went for a check and came to know that I was suffering from Hepatocellular Carcinoma. I was also experiencing problems like abdominal fullness, abdominal pain, abdominal distension, fever and malaise. When I came to know about my problem I wanted to undergo a surgery but our country lacks good medial infrastructure and most of the doctors here are uneducated.

So I wanted to undergo my surgery from India as the India is the leader in providing cheap medical services and but I was confused about whom to consult. Then a few days later my neighbor told me about this medical tourism company in India, IndianMedGuru consultants and also told me that her brother had undergone a Gall Bladder surgery through them in India and is happy with the results. So I enquired about my Hepatocellular Carcinoma Surgery in Delhi India and got a quick response from them with all the information regarding my surgery. The quotes were very pleasing to the eyes. Then I went to India and got my surgery done through them. In India I was operated in a very elegant hospital with lots of facilities. The staff of the hospital was very caring and took great care of me. After my surgery I am feeling very comfortable and I don’t have any pains and problems in my body. I want to thank the doctor for providing me such good quality services and in the most economical price for my Hepatocellular Carcinoma Surgery in Delhi India.

South Africa

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