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Mr. Yusuf Wahab, Nigeria
Spine Surgery

Mr. Yusuf Wahab, Nigeria
Spine Surgery
Spinal Implant Surgery in India – Celebrating 5th successful year

spinal implant surgeons India,spinal implant hospitals,spinal implant hospitals India I decided to get my Spinal Implant Surgery in India when I saw an advertisement in the newspaper about various Indian hospitals celebrating 5th successful year for Spinal Implant Surgery. I got my Spinal Implant Surgery in India through Indian Medguru Group. I am very grateful to Indian Medguru Group for showing so much concern. I came to India as a very nervous patient. But Indian Medguru Group made everything so easy. From the day I arrived in India to the day I left, I felt I was in safe hands. Everyday someone from the Indian Medguru Group would call me up to make sure, I am doing fine. The hospital staff was also very convivial. Medical tourism in India is rapidly gaining popularity. The medical facilities available in India are as good as in the West. And the spine surgeons are highly qualified and experienced. They are very innovative. My medical trip to India was very peaceful. I liked it so much that I decided to extend my stay for a recuperative holiday. The surgeons who performed my Spinal Implant Surgery in India were extremely professional. They successfully operated upon me. I am feeling much better after getting my Spinal Implant Surgery in India.

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