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Spine Surgery at Hospitals of Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi in India emerging as a favorite medical destination for quality treatments

Spine Surgery Mumbai, spine surgery Chennai, spine surgery Delhi, spine treatment India, spine treatment Chennai, spine treatment Mumbai Spine surgery at the Hospitals of Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi in India seems to have emerged as a favorite destination for quality treatments. Indian Medguru Group is a medical tourism company in India, wherein countless foreign patients come for their medical treatment. Every year we assist hundreds of patients who take back home good image of India and the service catered. Unlike many, Mr. Mohammed Rasool from Iraq came to India for his mother’s Spine surgery in India. He shares her experience with us.

Hello, I am Mohammed Rasool from Iraq. Recently my mother had her Spine surgery in India. Thanks to the relentless effort by the medical consultant from India Indian Medguru Group, who arranged the entire Spine surgery in Chennai for my mother with best care and professionalism. My mother was experiencing back pain since quiet sometime, took her to a local doctor, after a close examination the doctor informed that my mother would require a Spine Surgery. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any solution back at my home town or within Iraq. This compelled me to search for my mom’s Spine surgery in India along with other countries like Thailand, Indonesia etc. After spending a comprehensive time over the internet, I found Spine surgery in India pretty viable, since the packages offered for its treatment by Indian Medguru group was within my reach. I, therefore, immediately called them us to discuss the possibility of having my mother’s Spine surgery in India. The executive at the other end was sharp enough to understand our problem; he collected all the medical reports and turned up with an expert advice offering packages within our limit at Indian cities like Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi for my mother’s Spine Surgery. After a couple of e-mail exchange and phone calls, I was convinced and soon along with my mother left for her Spine surgery in Chennai-India.

At Chennai Airport, we were picked up by the executive of Indian Medguru Group. We met the spine surgeon who was supposed to perform my mother’s Spine surgery in Chennai-India. The Spine surgeons during my mother’s Spine surgery in Chennai-India adopted the procedure called as foraminotomy, which is often performed for Foraminal stenosis which is a narrowing of a foramen, the hole that spinal nerves pass through as they exit the spine. It generally occurs as a part of degenerative spine disease. Foraminotomy aims to improve the symptoms from foraminal stenosis by relieving the compression on the nerve. Basically, the bone and soft tissue overlying the foramen and causing compression is removed. This opens the foramen so that the nerve within has more room. This procedure can be performed both for cervical (neck) and lumbar (lower back) foraminal stenosis. While foraminotomy is sometimes done alone, it can often be a part of a larger spine procedure which addresses several problems, such as herniated disc or spinal stenosis. It can be done as a part of an open surgical procedure or through a small incision and what is considered minimally invasive spinal surgery. So the entire procedure went smooth and my mother was discharged soon with just day to stay after her Spine surgery in Chennai-India.

My mother’s Spine surgery in Chennai-India was followed by a recovery of two weeks with strict instructions of not lifting any heavy weights and a complete rest without giving stress or strain to her back. My mother observed all these instructions and soon was seen returning to her normal life. I felt great being in India for my mother’s Spine Surgery. Indeed people from Indian Medguru Group and spine surgeons who performed my mother’s Spine surgery in Chennai-India at Chennai hospital deserves applauds, I thank them all for carrying out everything for us.

Mohammed Rasool

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