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Spine Vertebroplasty Surgery performed on Scotland National in India at finest hospital in Hyderabad

Mr. William Brown, Scotland
Laser Spine Surgery

I decided to get my Spine Vertebroplasty Surgery in India because it was available at a low cost. Indian Medguru Group assisted me to get Spine Vertebroplasty Surgery in India. From the last one year I was having severe back pain. So much that, I could not even do my regular work properly. One day I saw the website of Indian Medguru Group and I contacted them. They asked for my relevant medical reports that were studied by three senior spine surgeons. Indian Medguru Group also arranged a tele communication with the senior surgeons. They suggested me to get a Spine Vertebroplasty Surgery in India. When I reached India, I was taken to the hospital directly from the airport. My Spine Vertebroplasty Surgery was performed in Hyderabad. The hospital was one of the finest hospitals I have ever seen. I was amazed by the facilities that were available there. The international patients division was really helpful in every way. My surgeon was excellent, nursing care is beyond comparison, the facility is state of the art and it's really affordable. All levels of the hospital staff were clean, proper and very kind. The surgical team was second to none. Other than the exceptional doctors at the hospital who were involved with my surgery, I would also like to recognize the incredible help and assistance I received from Indian Medguru Group. After getting my Spine Vertebroplasty Surgery in India I am feeling healthy and fit. I would definitely recommend Indian Medguru to all my friends back home.

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