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Experience Splenectomy Surgery Africa patient

I am Mr. Wilson Bienvenu from Africa. I came for my Splenectomy Surgery in India through IndianMedGuru consultants. First of all I want to thank the doctor, his staff and the medical tourism company through whom I came to India for my Splenectomy Surgery in India as they all have provided me the best possible medical services.

The doctor who operated me is a real genius and a true artist of a human body. He has given me best of his possible services for my surgery and I am happy with such fantabulous results. Before my surgery I was experiencing very bad pain in my left should, stomach and my back. So I went to a doctor and asked about my entire problem, there I was shaken to know that an organ called spleen had enlarged and was the whole problem of the pain. The doctor also told me that I should get my surgery done as early as possible but the cost of the surgery was very high but I was not able to gather the money for my surgery. Then one day one of my relatives came for a visit and I told him the entire problem which I was facing, then he told me that I should undergo my surgery through IndianMedGuru consultants from India and to enquire about my surgery he also gave an email id to contact them. He also told me that he had undergone a surgery through them and was very happy to get the results. So I also enquired about my problem with them and I was pleased to see their quotes and I didn’t have any tension in my mind related to the quality of the surgery. Then I got my Splenectomy Surgery in India done through them. After the surgery I was overjoyed to get the results from my Splenectomy Surgery in India. This was my life’s one of the best decisions of undergoing my surgery done through them in India. I want to thank the doctors once again for giving me thee best quality services for my Splenectomy Surgery in India.

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