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Mr. Olaolu, Nigeria
Cardiac Bypass Surgery for his father

Mr. Olaolu, Nigeria
Cardiac Bypass Surgery for his father
Successful Cardiopulmonary Bypass Procedure executed on Nigerian in India

I am writing to let you know that my father got treated in India successfully and he is working again. When a well known heart surgeon in a respectable heart care institution in Nigeria, told me that my father needs to retire as there was no help left for him, he became desperate. I never thought like this for my father, but he never left faith, he asked me to have a Cardiopulmonary Bypass Procedure in India via Indian Med Guru, as one of his colleagues got treated in India. It was his wish to go India and get treated, but for me I first resisted and leaving me with no option I came to India for my father’s Cardiopulmonary Bypass Procedure. But I regret that I resisted approaching India for my father’s Cardiopulmonary Bypass Procedure, as the quality of treatment and service from flights to lodging I experienced with my father was the best till date. I can say that it was my worst decision to resist coming to India and was one of the unsurpassed decision my father took. My father is healthier than before, he is working, and he is able to do day-to-day work on his own. I and my father would recommend each and every person whom we meet, to go for India for Medical Facility. As today I am contented that I have my father, because of Indian Med Guru. My father is living like a gem after his Cardiopulmonary Bypass Surgery in India and is appreciating his experience to his colleagues and friends. He is pleased with the assistance and treatment. I thank Indian Med Guru, and regret for those people who don’t know much about Indian Health Care much.


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