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Ms. Tokoni, Nigeria
Scoliosis Surgery

Ms. Tokoni, Nigeria
Scoliosis Surgery
Certified Surgeons performed Spine Deformity Surgery on Nigeria citizen in India

I would like to share my feelings about my Spine Deformity Surgery in India under certified surgeons. I was sustaining from spinal problems from an early age. I had severe spine problems, and by profession I am an accountant, so I had to meet people everyday. And after they see me, the kind of expression which they make was awful. I got treated at many hospitals back in Nigeria but to my despair I never got any benefit. Finally my physician recommended me to go to India for Spine Deformity Surgery under certified surgeons. I searched over the internet and found about indianmedguru website. I contacted the official of the webpage and discussed about my dilemma. The response was so pleasing and soothing, he assured me about all the provisions would be made for my surgery in India. I was first reluctant but when all the arrangements were made and he asked me to come to India to have my Spine Deformity Surgery, my mind changed and I came to India. As soon as I landed in India, all my problems were reducing day by day. My surgery took place, after the surgery I got so emotional that I couldn’t believe that my back is completely ok now. I can see my back and can touch my back. I feel like I never made a wrong choice for my Spine Deformity Surgery in India, as I was seeing the results with my own eyes. I am grateful to the Indian medical faculty and the indianmedguru for making my life live again. I recommend India is the best in treatments and surgery.


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