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When Hope Turned into Reality

Mr. Janagha Safi, Afghanistan
Patients Name - Mrs. Freba Bibidell Safi Wife’s Tubal Ligation Reversal Surgery

Mr. Janagha Safi and his wife Mrs. Freba Bibidell Safi long time back had decided to get a permanent birth control method for themselves. In order to do the same Mrs. Freba Bibidell Safi had underwent a tubal ligation surgery. In this surgery, her fallopian tubes, which are the main carriers of the sperm to the ovary work, cut and tied so that they cannot reach the ovary. This is the best method taken by most couples if they have made up their mind to not conceive ever again in their life. Then after some time, there was a change in mind and they wanted to conceive again.


They were very well familiar of the less chances and difficulty for this reversal and also had less hopes of the same in Afghanistan. They decided to conceive again but now since they had taken such a strong step to stop and permanently end the option of conceiving, the reversal of the same was not going to be easy at all. Afghanistan did not have various options and the success rates were not even present when it comes to the reversal surgery and this is when one of their close relatives recommended them to try and get this done in India. on trying to find out more about the idea they got to know about Indian Medguru consultant which is prominent in India in order to facilitate people from outside who want to get certain procedures or check up done in India. The entire accommodation, travel and convenience of the patient and the family were looked after by the team of Indian Medguru.

Healthcare is the prominent medical tourism company in India and because of their smooth operation and management Mr. Janagha Safi and Mrs. Freba Bibidell Safi reached India comfortably. Indian Medguru had suggested them the best doctors in the field who had good success rates as well. Thus, Mrs. Safi met a doctor who explained the entire procedure to her, the risks associated and the success rate that she can expect. Comforted by the words, their hopes were high unlike before. She underwent the surgery and after the surgery she was then asked to stay in the hospital for a day when she was taken care of completely. She was very well explained all the things she has to take care of eventually. The staff at the hospital took good care of her and the staff was in constant touch with Mr. Safi as well as the hospital in order to be sure that there is no problem that they are facing and their entire stay and treatment has been done comfortably. After the treatment and the post-treatment care, the couple then went back to Afghanistan with a brighter hope of conceiving yet again. They were very happy with the personal and comforting service provided by the team there. Indian Medguru consultant made sure that they did not experience any problem during their entire stay in India.

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