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Uganda Patient's Success Story of Lumber Spine Surgery in India

I am Mr. Ejike Sewawa from Uganda. I came for Lumbar Spine Surgery in India through IndianMedguru consultants. It was really a great experience of coming to India and undergoing the surgery through this medical tourism company. I have experienced immense pain in my back and due it, my life was becoming useless day by day as I was not able to work, stand, sit for long time and I was not even able to sleep properly at night.

So I always wanted to undergo a spine surgery but as our country lacks good medical infrastructure I was not getting a good hospital and doctor for my Lumbar Spine Surgery in India. So I was searching for a better alternative out of my country at an affordable cost. I started my research on the internet and came across many medical tourism companies but the one which gave good medical facilities at an economical price were from India so I started enquiring about my problem with four medical tourism companies from India including IndianMedGuru consultants and as the conversation went on, I gained more faith on this medical tourism consultants than other three because this medical tourism was giving me the best medical facilities and services than the other three and in less price than them. So I got my Lumbar Spine Surgery done through this medical tourism company in India. When I went to India, I got the best of services and facilities possible from this medical tourism company and the doctors who operated on me. The staff of the hospital was wonderful and took the best care of me, the hospital was also very posh. After the surgery I am feeling so comfortable and I don’t have any pain in my back any more. I can do most of my work by myself. Now I do not have to depend on any other person. I want to thank the doctor heartily for giving me the best possible medical services for my Lumbar Spine Surgery in India and would recommend any person to get their surgery done through them to get the best medical services in an affordable cost.

Thank You!
Mr. Ejike Sewawa

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