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UK Patient's Success Story of Dental Treatment in India

'I am Natalie Harris from the UK. Since going to IndianMedGuru Consultants I haven't been able to stop smiling, I love to laugh. Not giggle, not chuckle. No, when I'm amused, loud, convulsive peals of laughter burst out of me. For years, though, I've covered my mouth when laughing to hide the ugly silver filings that mar a number of my teeth, a legacy of poor dental care as a child, after having my front teeth straightened and all of my teeth whitened, which has really boosted my confidence.

I was quite nervous for traveling to other country for dental Treatment, but the staff were so welcoming and made me feel so comfortable and at ease. I was so pleased with the service that I referred 6 of my friends and work colleagues, who all went to the IndianMedGuru Consultants to have their teeth whitened, with similarly excellent results. I'm most grateful that they have now restored my cute smile."

Thank You!
Mrs. Natalie Harris

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