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USA Patient gets Low Cost Gastric Bypass Surgery in India

After trying every imaginable diet and weight loss program known to man and hitting an all time high of 245 lbs (at 5'4"), I began researching Gastric Bypass Surgery. I was desperate for help. The surgery, contrary to what many uninformed people believe, is not an easy way out. Many people, including some in the medical profession, said I just needed to change my eating habits and start exercising. Easy for them to say. I tried this for literally 20 years and each year put on more weight than the previous. s). My decision to have the surgery was one that I took very seriously.

I spent nearly a year researching various procedures and surgeons. Indianmedguru Consultanst was referred to me by a friend of a friend. This was the best choice I could have made!

When I spoke to Dr. Dheeraj Bojwani he was very patient and informative. He has a way of putting you at ease and making you feel totally comfortable. After the initial phone talk with him I made up my mind. Indianmedguru Consultanst was thre right place for me. Gastric bypass is a tool for weight management and not a quick fix. My lifestyle has changed to where I have to eat to live instead of live to eat. My advice to any potential patients is to be aware that this is a daily struggle and will be for the rest of your life. Don't expect weight loss to change everything in your life or to make it better. You have to be happy with yourself and only then will the rest fall into place. I have no regrets at all. If anything, I wish I had had it done sooner. I feel so much better physically and mentally. Now I can exercise without being out of breath, shop at "regular" stores fit into any chair/seat and easily climb several flights of stairs. Thank you Indianmedguru Consultants for making my life so much better!

Thank You!
Mrs. Olga Bahet

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